The severe weather that moved through Southwest Michigan on Father's Day (June 20) 2021 included an intense hail storm at Sister Lakes.

Video captured in the resort community and shared to social media tell the tale, not only the visuals but the pelting audio as well.

Those around the Sister Lakes Area checked in with reports:

Keeler area good here. Yes, moved fast.


We were on our golf cart racing home! Hail to the head doesnt feel good I now know from experience!

See more images from this thread on the Sister Lakes Facebook group including more intense video from Cable Lake.

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Storm Reports from Kalamazoo County

The following report was relayed from the Schoolcraft area in southern Kalamazoo County:

Storms were forecast for Sunday night, likely two rounds of intense weather, one as evening was turning tonight around 7-8PM and another late overnight around 3AM. Get a current radar image here.

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