Despite being based in the Detroit area and starring Pure Michigander and WMU alumni Tim Allen, Home Improvement is not considered Michigan's favorite TV sitcom from the 1990s.

According to a DishNetwork survey, Michigan's favorite 90s sitcom is...King of Queens. Huh? The Kevin James lead show was set in the NYC suburb of Queens, how that's relocatable to Michigan, I'm not sure. Or rather, fuggetaboutit. Oh, what's that's more Brooklyn and Queens.

There is one state in the DishNetwork survey that did select Home Improvement as its favorite - North Dakota. Eh?

Perhaps Michigan forgot that Tim Allen was from here and set his show here. Other states didn't have that issue. Ohio's favorite sitcom - The Drew Carey Show, of course. Cleveland Rocks. New York's favorite? Seinfeld. While Washington State still loves Seattle-based Frasier.

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