ARHG ARHG ARHG! Tool Time with Tim Taylor and Al Borland is making a return with a brand new show on the History channel starting June 29th, entitled More Power. The show is set to air at 10/9 central and a lot of people are excited that Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back in action together, as are they as their website explains the premise:

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back in the shop to continue their quest for More Power. With the help of DIY Expert April Wilkerson, they’re putting all kinds of tools to the test. The trio will tackle one tool-centric theme per episode and celebrate the coolest, most powerful and iconic examples of each tool—testing their limits in a way that only Tim can.


According to the show's website, they're basically gonna invite some seriously skilled craftsmen and women onto the show and show off their work. After they feature their creations they'll also be featuring massive construction equipment on the show as well. You can watch the preview below:

Many people are aware of the former Western Michigan University student's arrest in the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport on October 2, 1978. He was caught with more than 1.4 pounds of cocaine. He was originally facing life in prison, but gave up the names of other dealers, leading to over 20 others being arrested. For this he only served a little over 2 years.

Luckily this was an eye-opening experience for him, and after working for an ad agency in Detroit and doing nights at the Comedy Castle, he finally started getting booked for gigs and eventually his own special. Getting caught may have been the best thing for him, because I'm pretty sure it's safe to say everything turned out great.

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