Only a few years ago we probably wouldn't have even a discussion as to whether a statue commemorating our 16th President Abraham Lincoln's visit to Kalamazoo should be erected in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo.  Of course, there are several reasons that have been put forward but one reason surprised many; the racial and social justice issues surrounding Lincoln.

According to an article on, one individual claims: “Our public school system’s curriculum tells a white-washed version of U.S. history and Lincoln’s place in it.”  On the other side is the Kalamazoo Abraham Lincoln Project, a non-profit, that wants to erect a statue of Lincoln in Bronson Park commemorating his visit on August 27th, 1856.  As the plaque in Bronson Park reads, he was then a private citizen speaking at a rally on behalf of John Fremont.  In addition, Kalamazoo schools are holding penny drives to raise money for the project.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.



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