Michigan is now open. More importantly for fans of amusement parks and roller coasters, Ohio has been open since the start of June. And Cedar Point says its ready to party. The delayed 150th anniversary celebration begins on Saturday.

That celebration includes a promotion called "Ticket of a Lifetime", a nighttime parade and party, a new family river adventure ride, along with commemorative merchandise to mark the occasion.

The 150th celebration involves a parade of floats that mark various mileposts in Cedar Point's history. There's singing and dancing and pyrotechnics (that's boom boom - fireworks)

So let's start with "Ticket of a Lifetime". The prize is free admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark for the rest of your lives. Considering that Cedar Point is an annual destination for many here in Michigan, this is quite the prize. Winning involves having a Cedar Point app on your phone, that you can scan while at the park. While there's a limited amount of these grand prize tickets, the consolation prizes are quite nice, too.

Snake River Expedition is an interactive adventure where riders assist with "secret tasks", while trying to avoid "danger around the bend".

If there's a true Cedar Point or a roller coaster enthusiast in your family, this might be a cool way to spend some money. Cedar Point has what they call "The Legacy Walk" in the center of the Main Midway and it has inscribed bricks. It's something for true fans.

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