In case you missed the last big announcement, FireKeepers Casino Hotel is building what is, essentially, another hotel!  As we find out each time they come in to visit, they're either giving millions of dollars back to the community or expanding in some way which, of course, creates jobs.  It's no secret the McKellys love to go there to eat or see shows or both and if the service and hospitality say anything about being there, imagine what it says about working there.

Now, I'm not hawking for FireKeepers but I am continuing to point out that there are all these jobs out there with great places to work.  Stryker is hiring again and so many other great companies.  Our good friend Amber Ballard Ballard sent us some info about a hiring event at FireKeepers coming up next Tuesday the 25th from 10am- 1pm which you can check out at this site:  And another good friend CEO Kathy George said: “We are looking for people that are welcoming, engaging, enthusiastic and appreciative, who will take great pride in providing our guests with a rewarding, vibrant experience."  I can tell you everybody that we've encountered there seems to be having as much fun as we are.

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