Green Door Distillery will be the first dedicated distillery in Kalamazoo in 150 years, but they're hitting some bumps along the way to opening their doors, and the anticipation is killing us. 


UPDATE: On Tuesday, August 30 Green Door Distillery announced their Grand Opening Event to take place on September 10, with doors opening at noon. The 158 year wait for Kalamazoo to have it's own distillery is over. There is a soft opening with exclusive invites occurring the Friday before the Grand Opening. If you check back then,  we may or may not have an inside look before the doors open for the public! Cheers!


Western Michigan graduates and founders John & Josh of Green Door Distillery are working to open their doors but it has been a long process with the required permits for their venture. This distillery that is located at 429 E North St downtown Kalamazoo has been undergoing a major face lift in preparation for their open.
In the mean time while we wait to be able to check out Green Door, they have been establishing themselves among liquor lovers for the last several months with their social media presence, and are excited to be an anchor in the community on the north side of town. In an interview with Fox 17 they mentioned that "We want to help Kalamazoo understand, yes we're in the north side neighborhood but it is a safe place to be now."


It seems like a perfect fit to have a place dedicated to delectable spirits made right here in the Zoo, with selections of bourbon, un-aged flavored whiskeys, vodka and more. Honestly, at this point I don't care about "safety" or location,  I just want to try these drinks! Sadly, we don't get to taste it until the green doors swing open - and you can help their fundraising efforts to finish the building projects and buy yourself a brick on their outside patio.  Check it out!


We're coming for you soon Green Door!