I don't have to tell you what a year it's been for the stink bugs!  With the warmer than usual weather through September and the first part of October, they were everywhere and plentiful. Now that the cold weather is here and we've had several frosts, we can sit back and relax right?  Wrong!

The next invasive species to invade our homes is called the Spider Cricket.  We've already dealt with these little bastards in our house and the thing that makes them worse than the stick bugs is that they make noise.  According to simplemost.com they've become more prevalent and are moving westward from the eastern part of the country to the Midwest and beyond.  In fact, experts say they'll be in every state before too long.  Even though they're harmless they can still do damage.  After all, they're crickets and crickets chew stuff.  To find out more about them and what you can do to get rid of them, click HERE.




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