We have football playoffs this weekend and I want to go ice fishing, this is going to be a tough choice.

Now I love watching football and I think being a long time Lions fan makes it easier to watch other teams play. Watching the Lions is always so stressful and disappointing but when watching other teams play, I just want a good game with multiple lead changes and could care less who wins and even better if the win is in the final minutes or seconds of the game.

There is something else I love and that is ice fishing. I am just far enough North to have ice in a few places and the fishing is always better before the bitter cold of February sets in so I need to get out while I can. I hope all this light rain hasn't messed that up this week.

Last weekend I found a place to ice fish that I want to fish again because of the potential of maybe getting a walleye but I also don't want to miss any football either.

The real good news is the playoff games start later in the day so I could fish both mornings then go home and watch football but I'm also in the mood to do some power fishing too.

I don't have my son this weekend so I try to use these weekends to locate fish so when I have him I can take him to an area that has produced some fish. Plus its not that cold out so I don't have to drag out the shanty and will be mobile.

I have a set of earbuds sitting on my desk that I will be taking home this weekend so if I decide to make two full days of ice fishing, I will just listen to the games on my phone while hoping to ice a walleye and some panfish. This has the potential to be a great weekend for sure.

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