Lets face it; this weather sucks. It's too cold to go out, and who would would want to with icy roads? Thankfully we have technology to distract us, and what better platform to find something binge-worthy, than Netflix. So, change in to your jammies, pop some popcorn, and curl up for a nice long television marathon. There's something for everyone!

American Declaration of Independence
Darren Falkenberg

Turn just concluded it's intense four season run on AMC making the complete series available on Netflix. This true story about a secret spy ring working for Washington during the Revolutionary War is a nail biter. Plus, Samuel Roukin's Lt. John Simcoe is one of the most horrifying villains portrayed on the big or small screen. It's intrigue! It's love story! It's close-calls! Highly recommended.

The New Yorker Festival 2016 - "Crazy Funny: Mental Health And TV Comedy," Featuring Maria Bamford, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Stephan Falk, In Conversation With Emily Nussbaum
Getty Images for The New Yorker

After suffering a mental breakdown, comedian Maria Bamford stars in this extremely meta series that is oddly both reverent and irreverent regarding mental illness. Bamford's unique look at bouncing back includes cameos by Patton Oswalt, John Mulaney, Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, and many others. It really is good to have Maria Bamford back.

Digital Abstract background

OMG, OMG, OMG, you guys. The fourth season of Black Mirror landed on Netflix a week ago, and I've already watched it twice. This wonderfully unsettling series highlights just how reliant we are on technology, and how close we are to achieving wonders... but at what cost? Black Mirror leaves you hoping that the Three Laws of Robotics will apply in the future.


You know you're in for a great action series when a character says, "We could be slipping in entrails by morning," and it's answered, "With luck." The Last Kingdom is based on a series of books of the same name following the almost loss of Britain to the Danes. It's bloody. It's epic. It's eye candy (Sup, Adrian Bower...?). But it's more than just swinging battle axes and hoarding gold. The Last Kingdom is filled with incredible characters that are thoughtfully fleshed out. History comes alive (and then dies) right in front of you.


Ash is back... and so is the Evil. Join Bruce Campbell's iconic cult hero as he battles the dark side with his coworkers Pablo and Kelly. Mix in some Lucy Lawless (isn't it nice to see Campbell and Lawless playing in Sam Raimi's sandbox again?) and you've got the makings of a pretty fantastic series that is equal parts gory and hilarious.

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