When I lived in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia a neighbor of mine grew up with a kid whose father pushed him from a young age to practice being a long snapper in football.  He was hoping he would get a college scholarship by simply being a long snapper.  Not a hard job and something you are not going to be hurt playing.

Apparently, if you can make it to the pro’s it also pays very well.  

Stack.com researched and found what they call the “Five Cushiest Jobs in Sports” and they are:

  1. Designated Hitter with an average salary of $10,335,417.  Victor Martinez, who played for the Detroit Tigers mostly as a designated hitter made approximately $17 million a year.
  2. NFL Kicker/Punter with an average salary of $860,000
  3. Co-Offensive Coordinator – College football with an average salary of “upwards” of $500,871
  4. Third-String Quarterback with an average salary of $480,163
  5. Then comes the surprise of all surprises an NFL Waterboy or Watergirl who make an average of $53,000

As an added bonus stacks.com informed us of the following jobs and the average pay:

  • Bullpen Coach with an average salary of $90,000
  • PGA Caddie with an average pay of $1,500 to $3,000 per week
  • Sports Broadcaster with an average salary of $68,538
  • Scoreboard Operator with an average salary of $45,194

Did any of these jobs and their pay surprise you, the waterboy/girl did surprise me.

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