Last year I didn’t do much riding but with all that is going on, I feel social distancing on my Harley will be just fine and away to make myself feel good and get fresh air at the same time. I will gas up with gloves on and make sure I have some wipes with me to wipe off any pump handles along the way. I plan on using one of my saddle bags as a cooler so I won’t have to stop for anything other than a lunch or water break or maybe take a picture.

So this year I plan on taking some special trips and I thought I would share them with you in case these might be some places you would like to ride.

Five Great Places to Ride Your Motorcyle in Michigan

Want to ride, but don't have a bike? (Or maybe want to upgrade yours?) Well, we have a chance for you to win a brand new Harley with GRD's Hog Days of Summer!

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