One of the long time mysteries and debates held by people of Flint years ago was the rumor of tunnels residing underneath the city. There were many times people posted public questions hoping someone would be able to provide an answer as to if and why they were built. One person was able to shed light on a possible system that ran beneath downtown:

The only tunnels of any kind under downtown Flint that I know of for SURE are the ones in the City Hall complex, which connect several of the buildings, including City Hall and the one over by the Fire Department (where building codes is/was?). I have heard of tunnels that exist(ed) between the Halo Burger in downtown on Saginaw Street, that went from the warehouse to the basement of the restaurant, with the warehouse being where many barrels of the ginger ale syrup were stored to age.

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Tunnels Under The High School

Years back, people discovered that there are actually tunnels that run beneath Flint Central High School, and the rumor as to why they were made is a little chilling:

Rumors have it they date back to the 1890s, when the construction of the former Oak Grove Sanitarium was taking place. Yesterday my friend Emmanuel joined me in a risky adventure to explore those tunnels and find out where they lead to. More videos, pictures, and information of the tunnels will be released in the official Flint Central documentary on Sept. 4th, 2022!

When The School Shut Down

In April 2009 the Board of Education voted to close Flint Central High School due to declining enrollment and maintenance costs, with the final day June 11th of that year. There's no word on how, when or where the documentary will take place upon release but I'm curious to find out the truth behind these. A science project was apparently performed by kids at the school back in the late 2000's, and a video capturing a small glimpse of the tunnels can be seen below:

Abandoned Funeral Home Where Houdini Was Embalmed

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