Over the weekend my wife wanted to go down to the antique capital of the world Allen, Michigan.  If you are not familiar, Allen is a small town east of Coldwater and Quincy that features quite a few Antique shops. 

I have been through the town once but have never had the chance to look anywhere. My wife was looking for a birthday present for our niece.

We only went to a couple places in town. First off was the Allen Antique Mall, which has two buildings of wall to wall antiques.  Walking around this place reminded me of my childhood.

My Grandfather was a picker and would go around to places like this and buy up all sorts of stuff.  I saw everything from old tools, to furniture and I even found a corner with old vinyl records and vintage rock shirts.

We ended up only buying one item and it was an old beer can that we got for our friend in Iowa.

The other shop we stopped at was called, The Livery which is by the post office.

I hope to go back sometime when I have more cash to spend.  There was a lot of cool items that I'm sure my wife and I could put to use.

Allen is a must if your a fan of antiques.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


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