Ever since I first tried Dark Horse Brewing Co.'s Raspberry Ale, I have been a fan of the local brewery in Marshall.

So, I was excited when I heard that Dark Horse was making a beer called "Rain In Blood."

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Beyond the fact that the beer is made with mouthwatering fresh blood oranges and blood orange juice, this beer also is a tribute to late Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman.

My brother-in-law hooked me up with a Dark Horse gift card for my birthday, so my wife and I went to the Dark Horse Taproom in Marshall over the weekend to try it.

I highly recommend checking it out, if you haven't already done so. And I more than recommend this new beer. In fact, I enjoyed this beer so much that I went across the parking lot and purchased a six-pack at Dark Horse's general store.

The only downside to the beer is that it is going to be a part-time beer. According to Dark Horse's website, Rain In Blood os only going to be available December through March. So, if you want to try it, I suggest you make your way over to Marshall to grab a pint (or many pints).

Fly recommends trying Dark Horse Brewing Co.'s new "Rain In Blood" beer. (Photo by Fly/RKR)