I have been a big James Bond fan ever since I saw "You Only Live Twice" when I was a eight.  I own all the movies on disc.   Everyone has been listing their best of list for the franchise recently so here are my five favorite Bond films.

  • "You Only Live Twice"
  • "For Your Eyes Only"
  • "Thunderball"
  • "On Her Majesty Secret Service"
  • "Goldfinger"

I guess you can call me a bit of an old school fan.  These all fall into my favorites mostly because they are the earliest Bond films I remember seeing. I like all the films, these five just stick out for me for some reason.

It is always interesting to see what others think of all the films.  For a different list here is a list of James Bond Films ranked from the folks at Screen Crush.

What would be your top 5?