Coming to a campus near delivery robots.

The future is here! All the things that we saw in the movies as children are starting to become real life. Handheld pieces of technology with access to the entire world, electric vehicles, and more have already crept their way into our everyday lives. Next on the list, robots delivering your food!

This is great news for lazy and stoned college students everywhere. In fact, these little robots are already being tested in Ann Arbor. Ohio State University will also be seeing upwards of 50 robots hitting the streets in the future after a deal between Grubhub and Russian robot maker Yandex.

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Let me just be clear, I am in no way in support of anyone losing their job to robots. However, when it comes to food delivery, I know a lot of people that are food delivery drivers. The drivers I know either hate the job or are people that I don't necessarily want handling my food. They're great people, but some people are just not cut out for cleanliness. With that said, I'll take the robots!

I really hope that we start to see more of these little food delivery robots throughout the country. I can't help that I am a big kid at heart and want nothing more than to see a robot show up with my food. You can't tell me you wouldn't want to see that either.

But, here is the real question. Can you convince the robot to stop and grab you a six-pack and some smokes? If you can, that little mechanical hero will be my new best friend.

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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