Delivery services for things like restaurants and groceries have become wildly popular over the last few years. Is Kalamazoo about to get another one?

Most likely, you're familiar with the common delivery services we have locally. Companies like Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates seem to be the most commonly used services.

While the service is convenient for us, in the past some restaurants had complained that the commission fee for offering this service far outweighed the benefit. In fact, prior to the pandemic, some of those commission fees reached thirty percent. That's thirty percent per order. In April of 2021, Doordash announced a new three-tiered pricing structure for restaurant operators that ranges from 15% to 30% with different benefits offered for each tier. Read more here.

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Perhaps the outcry from restaurants is what inspired this new delivery service said to be available in Kalamazoo later this month. The company, called MI Turbo Delivery, is brand new. So new that they've yet to set up an official website. However, a post from the company's owner in the Facebook group Kalamazoo Foodie sheds some light on what we should expect.

The post, made by Troy Kragt, reads, in part,

It's official MI Turbo Delivery will be launching February 15th in the Kalamazoo area. We will be a local delivery option to bring you food from your favorite restaurants. Turbo will be a no cost to the restaurant service. So we don't charge the restaurants for there delivery orders.

The post goes on to say that there will be a 10% service fee (again, not for the restaurants) along with a $6.99 delivery fee for the first 6 miles. If the delivery is outside of that 6-mile radius, an additional $1 per mile will be charged.


How Do I Order With This Service?

A great question. Since MI Turbo Delivery is still in its beginning phase, they're not currently accepting orders. However, once their website is launched you'll be able to order there. If the success follows, it wouldn't be surprising if an accompanying app were to be developed as well.

What Restaurants Will Be On This Site?

On his post, Troy Kragt responded to this question by saying,

We are hoping to have some local restaurants when we launch but at this time it will have national brands to start.

With no cost to the restaurant, it would be shocking if small, local restaurants didn't jump on board with using this service. They've been struggling enough as it is through this pandemic. Being able to get your product to more customers at no cost seems like a no-brainer.

Again, MI Turbo Delivery is hoping to launch on February 15th in Kalamazoo. You can stay up to date by following this post in Kalamazoo Foodie or just Google 'MI Turbo Delivery' later this month.

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