We're all a huge fan of food trucks here in Southwest Michigan. But I myself was unaware that there was a restriction to just how many operational food trucks there could be in Kalamazoo. "The Kalamazoo City commission first approved an ordinance in 2012 to allow food trucks to operate on the public streets in commercial and manufacturing zoned areas of the city, and limited the annual number of licenses issued to 10." That fact was delivered by MLive, who now says the commission has approved a measure to remove a limit on the number of food truck licenses the city can grant. On top of that, the license fee which used to run $500, has been lowered to just $300.

Under this new ordinance, food trucks will now be able to park temporarily on a public street and legally sell ready-to-eat food from their vehicle. So I guess it's safe to say we're about to see a lot more food trucks.

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