The Ford Motor Company announced a safety recall for several models of its popular F-150 pickup truck line.

Radio station WWJ in Detroit reports the recall includes about 87,000 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles. About 80,000 of those are in the U.S., and are mostly F-150's, along with some Super Duty trucks. The problem, according to Ford, involves the trucks' windshields possibly being inadequately bonded to the truck's structure, and possibly coming loose in a crash situation.

The 2021 F-150 Trucks were built between late October of 2020 and early February of this year in Dearborn. The 2020 and 2021 Super Duty trucks were built in Kentucky. Notifications are set to be sent to owners in early April. According to Ford, "dealers will remove and reinstall the windshield using standard service procedures. The Ford reference number for this recall is 21C06".

Ahead of that, a separate recall regarding a small number of 2020 F-series Super Duties involves,

"incorrect payload information. The affected vehicles display overstated payload capacity values on the tire and loading information label, overstated accessory reserve capacity values on the safety certification label, and overstated weight values on the truck camper loading documentation. If the vehicles are loaded to the payload stated on the tire and loading information label, they may exceed the gross vehicle weight rating or gross axle weight rating." - Ford Motor Company

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