Maybe we've been going about this all wrong!  Wringing our hands about how to raise money to fix the damn roads.  It sure doesn't look like, what, a 45 cent gas tax is going to pass.  Nor should it!  Why doesn't anyone listen to me?  How about a 1 cent sales tax increase?  That's not going to put anyone in the poor house.  That way everybody, including tourists helps pay for the roads whether they drive on them or not.

Or...OR... we could just get tires that can withstand the absolute horror that are Michigan roads.  What if I said you could get tires that were not only "airless" but also "puncture proof"???  That would certainly solve one problem.  I'll have to get back to you on the whole suspension damage, etc. situation.  But back to the tires...According to an article on, General Motors and Michelin will actually be testing these tires this year here in Michigan.  The tire is a prototype call the "Uptis" and will be fitted on vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt.  In the meantime, drive carefully!!!

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