Summer of 1981 saw a rash of sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature in the Fort Custer Recreation Area between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

The sightings were chronicled in the Battle Creek Enquirer and shared recently on the You Know You're From Battle Creek Facebook group.

The newspaper quotes a park supervisor and Michigan State Police officer who saw "a huge creature on the frozen surface of a beaver pond." Upon closer examination, the creature disappeared. The two men were making rounds not only in the State Recreation Area, but the adjacent Fort Custer military installation.

One commenter stated they remember similar newspaper reports dating back to the late 1950s.

Cryptic Creatures Near Military Bases

Strange happenings around military bases are not a new phenomenon. Fort Gordon in Georgia is known for having Bigfoot sightings.

The following report from Fort Gordon was made to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization:

While preparing to check inside the brush that ringed the stream inlet area, a large man/ape creature,10' to 10'6" tall (estimated weight 1100 lbs.) approached me with an unhurried pace at a distance of approximently 20 feet. The body except for the Face and Palms of the hands were covered with neat short (one inch)dark brown to black hair flecked with gray hair. The attitude was not especially threatening. It was more like a positive defensive move.The face was rather like a Gorilla(Dark skin and Dark deep set eyes, the head sloped back and was neanerthal shaped, had no eyebrows,prominent lips but not protruding, jutting square chin, no ears or teeth were seen,prominent nostrils slight nose (not flat like a gorilla) and an aged look to the face. The body was all big boned muscle, no body fat and had thick arms and legs. It made no vocal sounds and I did not notice any odor. I backed out of the ring of brush and walked quicky back to my truck. It did not pursue me!

So what do you believe? Are there creatures unknown to man roaming the deep woods of Fort Custer?

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