I love hearing some good folk lore, especially the creepy and scary kind. That's why I fixated on a story my stepsister was telling us recently. It appears her close friend and two of her companions had witnessed what many people up north claim to have seen.  Dark orbs floating over the highways of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Now I should state that my step-sister lives in Sault Ste. Marie and claims she has never really witnessed such paranormal phenomenon. She has however heard from more than a handful of her friends from all over the U.P. about strange objects hovering over the rural roads both at night and during the day.

The darkened orbs appear to hover and then scamper away rather quickly. Other sightings have been described as pole-like in shape and rotate much like a ninja would rotate a staff.

Here's how one of her friends Barbara Anderson described a recent sighting. "Two of these small black objects that looked like surfboards first flew over our porch and went between two power wires and kept going. Scared the hell out of me".

Another friend of hers described an eerie sighting as they were driving near the Mackinac Bridge.

My husband and I spotted what appeared to be orb-like objects flying toward us at a high rate of speed, only it was like you could only see the outline because it was mostly like invisible.... Crazy. And they were silent. It went over our heads, not too far up, huge like a low flying plane and was over us and over the lake within seconds. Super fast. - Sue Wilkenson - Iron Mountain.

What are the objects? Have you ever seen or heard about them before? Next time you head up north be on the lookout would ya, maybe even someone you know from the U.P. has seen something? Let the National UFO Reporting Center know first and then let us know please.

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