Meet Clayton and Megan, a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators in Kalamazoo. Having started their YouTube channel, Ghost-N!, less than two months ago, this pair of investigators set out to get proof of supernatural phenomena at supposedly haunted places throughout the city. Armed with instruments to pick up electromagnetic fields, and what appears to be an app to pick up EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), this video, called One of Kalamazoo Michigan’s most hunted abandoned buildings. Do you think it’s haunted? Crazy EMF shows the two walking through the dark recesses of an unnamed Kalamazoo location.

In the beginning of the 24 minute video, Clayton sets the scene by stating, "We're at an abandoned factory in downtown Kalamazoo. Super creepy. Super haunted. We're going to see if we can't contact some spirits." What abandoned factory are they talking about? I don't make a habit of wandering in to disused establishments, but I'm not aware of any abandoned factory in the city.

Moving on.

Did the pair of newbie paranormal investigators find what they were searching for? Well, let me give you the highlights:

  • Around the 3:00 mark - first attempt at getting EVP, nothing concrete
  • 4:11 - Voice sounds like it says William
  • 12:ish - Clayton says he's feeling a cold spot
  • 13:15 - Voice sounds like it says Lisa
  • 17:30 - Voice sounds like it tells them to run
  • 20:30 - Second attempt with dowsing rods, rods cross, then cross back


Skeptic or believer? Real or fake? Watch the video below... if you dare.

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