A video shared on a West Michigan woman's Facebook page and a local West Michigan Facebook group might make you never eat fast food again.

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The video which has over 13,000 views at the time of this article being published appears to show some kind of bug or worm crawling all over a floor of a Grand Rapids restaurant.

The person who posted the video in the Facebook group Grand Rapids Informed says it's from the Popeyes Chicken on Alpine in Grand Rapids. We've been unable to confirm this video is from that location but Makenya did confirm that she worked at that location and that she recorded the video two days ago.

 What's Crawling On The Floor Of Popeyes Chicken On Alpine Ave In Grand Rapids

Makenya Carter posted a video on her Facebook page showing what appears to be something gross happening on the floor at a Popeyes on Alpine Ave in Grand Rapids.

Don't eat at popeyes on alpine they have worms in there establishment or wte these are. Trying to get enough people to report this to corporate or health dept cause they dont care and im scared for the health of others. The district manager is the one to blame seeing how he was aware and has done nothing to fix it. Call corporate and get the district manager fired (877) 767-3937 he has been ignoring this for months.

Viral Video: What's Crawling On The Floor Of This Grand Rapids Restaurant?

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