Every other day there's a story about someone refusing to wear a mask in a place where asked. But this guy took it to a whole other level when trying to visit a West Michigan hospital.

The video was posted to TikTok and shared on Reddit. The TikTok shows a man urinating on the hospital sign of Spectrum Health Community Hospital in Zeeland. Based on the caption of the video it seems as if the man and the person behind the camera wanted to visit their daughter at the hospital but were turned away for refusing to wear masks. In response, they showed just how angry they are by resorting to peeing on a sign. Yea.... cuz that's how we handle situations as adults.

When it comes to wearing a mask, everyone is allowed to have their opinions and viewpoints; but you would think that you would respect a hospital's rules to protect patients and your SICK CHILD! What I find ironic is the caption calls the doctors "fake" yet chose to trust those same doctors to take care of their daughter.

Refusing to go to a business because you don't agree with their policies is one thing but disrespecting others or property (and proudly showing it off on social media) is another. I'm not trying to be preachy, but it all comes down to being respectful and a decent human, regardless of our differences.

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Due to the recent surge of COVID cases again, especially with the Delta variant, businesses across the country have started requiring masks again for everyone regardless of vaccination status. The CDC is now recommending that schools also require masks. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services also updated their recommendations on Friday to follow suit and strongly encourages universal masking, physical distancing, and promoting getting vaccinated for eligible students, staff, and teachers.

Some colleges in Michigan, such as GVSU and MSU, have already stated that before staff and students return to campus this fall, they will have to be vaccinated.

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