I'm no stranger to random cars on the side of the road being listed for sale. It's how I bought and sold my very first car. However, this one caught me off guard.

In the Facebook group, Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan, someone posted a roadside listing for a "ghost car" or, as the sign says, a truck that is in need of some spare parts:

May be an image of road and text that says 'Truck For Sale Needs Parts'

Amazing. You can see the full post here. The post identified the area simply as "Southwest Michigan". Thankfully, a few comments led me to an exact location.

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Gary A. wrote: Ha! I see this usually when I have to take a trip out to my mechanic on old Blue Star. On the other side of the highway south of the Holland airport 

Thomas C. replied to Gary and commented: Yep! Lincoln south of the overpass at 143rd.

Chris B. claimed: You can see it from Google image as well. I laugh every time I see it

I, of course, had to see for myself if this bodiless truck could, in fact, be seen on Google Maps and....

via/ Google Maps
via/ Google Maps

Sure enough, there it is! However, I was unable to view it while using 'street view'.

I'm dying to know the story behind this. Did someone just decide to bring some joy to passing drivers with a few spare tires? Do they actually have a truck for sale and thought this to be a clever way to get people to check it out? I may never know.

But, if you find yourself in Holland driving down Lincoln Ave make sure you slow down while approaching 143rd Ave and see if you can spot this "car" for sale.

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