You heard right!  The next in a long line of free offers.  Do you remember the free Baconators at Wendy's or the free steak at Sam's Club?  I say keep em coming and we'll do our best to honor the generosity.  What better way to celebrate the first day of Spring.  Forget the fact that it's only going to be about 46 degrees with a 60 percent chance for rain.  The good news is the ice cream won't melt.

According to an article on, Dairy Queen will be giving away free small, soft serve, vanilla ice cream cones all day Wednesday which is the first day of Spring.  Of course, limit one per person.  In an era with frozen yogurt an other off-shoots of traditional ice cream, it will be nice to have a good old-fashioned vanilla ice cream cone which will take me back to my "single digit" days.  And even without the nostalgia it's still a free ice cream cone.




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