It was a simple email to tell me that a pot shop was prepared for April 20th. But it came from a PR firm, and as I scrolled through it, it made me realize A.) how much things have changed since marijuana was legalized in Michigan. and B.) Just how mainstream all this has become, all the way to the sales pitches.

If you're anywhere near my age, you've got to be shaking your head. But this email, from a leader in the retail cannabis industry, highlights how far pot has come from a little baggie you got from, well, "I don't know his name, it's just some guy" to a retail store with locations all over Michigan.

As the email release goes on, it's sounds like a carpet warehouse or a shoe store. "We're restocking our shelves. More than 1,100 pounds of...sold so far this month; We burning through raffle tickets! (Our) Southeast Michigan store burned through thousands of raffle tickets."

And these people have a sense of humor, or the PR firm does: “Demand for our high-quality products has never been higher... The deep discounts we have offered ...over the last several weeks have brought a ton of foot traffic into our stores and spiked delivery orders.

And here's one final one: “There’s no doubt April showers are bringing ...high-quality flower to adult-use customers across the state.”

You won't be seeing high pressure ads on TV or hearing them on your radio anytime soon, because while it may be legal in Michigan and other states, it's still a federal offense, and since broadcasters are federally licensed, you get the idea. So there won't be anyone like Billy Mays or that guy who hawks Flex-Seal selling you pot on your TV anytime soon. But if they ever do, I bet those ads will look and sound familiar.

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