I'm a die-hard rocker, and if you would of asked me 20 years ago if I would ever go to a Garth Brooks show, I would of thought you were insane.

However, this weekend my wife asked me to go with her to see Garth at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Garth is country, yes, but he has also had rock-music influence his career. You can clearly see the influence when you watch his show.  He has covered Kiss and also said that he is a rock fan. One of the songs he sang in this show is a Billy Joel cover ("Shameless").

Now, this was a show! It had the round stage, lights, loud, enthusiastic crowd and some of the biggest songs in country music from over the last 25 years. It was the first music show that I have seen at the Joe, and I loved the sound there. I hope I can see some more shows there before it goes.

Garth is an entertainer, and if you ever have the opportunity to get dragged to a show of his go — it's an event.

Photo by Fly
Photo by Fly