There are a lot of people in Kalamazoo, who are extremely upset at the recent announcement that the city is, once again, at risk of allowing a car wash to be built on the land that is currently a part of the Asylum Preserve. The news came as the city was reevaluating, how they are going to zone the property going forward and the potential of rezoning it so that it would allow a business such as a car wash or a gas station to be built on the foundation.

People are not happy about this, so they plan on gathering at the Arcadia Creek Festival place on Sunday, April 23 at 6:30 PM in protest. They are urging the public to participate:

Developers are trying to build a car wash next to Asylum Lake. Learn where it’s at in the process, and what people are doing to stop it. Bring what you know a friend and a chair. Protect the preserve. No car wash at Asylum Lake.

One of the main issues people are having with it apart from the impact, it would have on the preserve, is that allegedly the car wash company that would be building on the site is a non-local company and comes from a national brand. That’s just one of many issues people see. How do you feel about this potential new business opening on the corner of Drake and Stadium in Kalamazoo?

With all of the struggles this city has faced since the pandemic began, this would be a serious blow again against the residents here and would only further the animosity that's been building towards those in charge in the city.

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