Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you find you can make a connection to energy that is at times in-explainable? Then prepare your minds for what could be an absolutely terrifying night as a local man is offering a ghost hunt and readings at the Old Allegan Hospital at 701 Marshall St. The date of the ghost hunt will be on Friday, March 27th from 9 p.m. running until the early hours of March 28th at 1 a.m.

Rick Waid posted on the event page, "I will be offering a gallery reading and a ghost hunt. You can pay through my PayPal at All tickets need to be purchased by the 17th. The cost will be $70.00."
One person already responded showing claims that this is the real deal, saying: "This place will definitely grab your attention. A young girl followed me throughout the place. Brought tears to my eyes when I was about to leave. Her energy was very strong."

The former hospital that was frequented by mobster Al Capone and many say is haunted by at least seven different ghosts.

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