Depression can be hard to deal with. On the surface, people will look perfectly happy, but we never truly know the battles people fight behind the scenes, and just under the surface.

Lots of outlets are available for help, and many workplaces and schools now have departments you can get in contact with to help. But a student at Northern Michigan University has come up with a unique way to shock her system.

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Tiktok user @Wattcake posted her first video about a week ago, saying, "I heard cold water helps depression." She also posted the air temperature at the time, which was apparently 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was then that she took off her coat, revealing she was ONLY wearing a bathing suit, and then quickly bolted for the water.

Now, for reference, at the moment, water temperatures in Lake Superior are still above freezing... a balmy 38 degrees. So technically, the water is warmer than the air she stood in... but that's still just... WAY too cold!

Nonetheless, she hopped in, dunked herself under the waves, then came back to shore (freezing cold obviously), and quickly put her coat back on.


@wattcakeFree will♬ hot ppl use this sound - alyssa

Every day since then, @Wattcake has posted an additional video of her hopping into the frigid waters. On Day 5, she even added some friends to jump in the water with her. Now, while this seems like kind of a crazy idea (and I'm sure health officials would have something about subjecting your body to cold shocks in the way she's doing it), if you watch the progression of her videos... she does seem to be smiling more. ESPECIALLY that video with her friends, who jumped in with her. Her latest one, posted on Day 7, with SNOW on the beach, she noted that even a winter storm advisory couldn't keep her from doing it, and even offered an encouraging message.

"Thank you for all the encouraging comments along the way. If you are struggling, I promise you are stronger than you think. I believe in you."

She also spoke during the video...

"If I can do that, and you're feeling sad out there, I promise you, you can get out of bed today. If I can jump into freezing cold water during a winter storm advisory, I promise you, you can do a lot more than you think you can. Even when your body, mind, soul, everything is telling you that you can't do anything, do something small today... We're a lot more capable than we give ourselves credit for... you got this."


@wattcake day 7! thank you for all thr encourging comments alont the way💗 if you are struggling, i promise you are stronger than you think, i believe in you!✨💗 #mentalhealth #coldwatertherapy #mentalhealthjourney #heartbreak #coldwaterswimming #coldwaterchallenge ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay

It's honestly amazing the transformation we can see in the video progressions, and such a strong message of courage, and empowerment during difficult times. She's brave for doing this.

Now, would I have chosen to do this? Probably not. I just hope she doesn't get sick during the process... also, curious how she'll continue this once the ice starts forming on Lake Superior?

Maybe her depression will be cured by then? And THAT would be the happiest ending possible.

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