Being a Michigander, we have the privilege of living in a state where if you want to visit any of the major Great Lakes it’s not too much of a hassle. Being that we are on the west side of Michigan, Lake Michigan is only a short drive away. If we wanted to visit Lake Huron in Lake Superior, we obviously would need to take a day trip out of it, but we could still get there within a day.

But it got me thinking of where, in the lower peninsula the furthest away from any major great lake would be. The upper peninsula has been ruled out because no matter where you are up there, you’re within 60 miles of any of the Great Lakes.

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But looking into Google Maps, I zoomed into the center of the state and went as south as I could, pinpointed a spot away from major highways, and found Hamlin Township.

Maybe the furthest point from any major Great Lake. Located just south of Eaton Rapids, it’s the most centralized part of the state which is boxed in by I-96 I-94 I-69, and U-S 127.

Considering it’s roughly 75 to 80 miles away from any major great lake, that’s still not a bad drive to make, but makes them the furthest away, giving them the championship for Town In Michigan Furthest Away From Any Great Lake.

If you agree or think that there's another city that's furthest away from any Great Lake, let me know and put my choice to the test.

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