This is certainly a part of a great start but I'm beginning to temper my enthusiasm.  Merely going back to work is not going to solve all the problems.  Look at it this way.  Let's say for the sake of argument that the virus has disappeared and all "social" restrictions disappear as well.  We still have a crippled economy that will take some time to get back up to speed and things will never go completely back to normal.

But the virus is not gone, there is no vaccine, and we will have major restrictions in place that will, at least, prohibit a fast return of productivity.  I'm not alone in the fear that many people will look at these first steps to re-engage the economy like business as usual.  We're all in for a rude awakening.

Nevertheless, Mr. Bad News Bear here is looking on any bright side I can turn over and in the article on we see that GM is planning on taking those first steps starting on Monday May 18th.  There is also word that FCA is looking making similar moves in the next 2 to 3 weeks so there is hope.

Again, we are taking the necessary steps to get as many people back to work as fast as we can.  However, I don't think most realize, that even after the light is green for all business, how many people will still be out of work and how much strain that will put on the overall economy here in Michigan and the rest of the country.  It still feels like we're in a movie and the next shoe will be dropping soon.

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