With so many people sheltered and safe, a lot of us are taking this time to clean, sort and organize. This may be the biggest collective spring cleaning ever, and that is bogging down donation locations around the state. In fact, Goodwill locations in and around Grand Rapids are urging people to stop donating. According to one news article, the sign at the Plainfield Avenue location clearly says they're closed, however, that hasn't stopped people from leaving piles and piles of donations (including many items they don't regularly accept) in front of the building's donation point. Goodwill is a retail location, and as such has had to close amid COVID-19 protocol, and that means an company-wide layoff. There is no staff to sort or sell donated goods.

Best advise I can give is to delegate a room, or a part of the basement/garage for your donated items to be stored while we, as a whole, get caught up and get back to work.


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