Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I scour the interwebs to find the best (and worst) thoughts floating around social media.  Without further ado…

Here are the BEST Great Moments in Facebook History for today, Wednesday, March 1st, 2017:

  • (Jay Stewart) I have decided to leave my past behind me, so if I owe you money… I’m sorry.. But I’ve moved on.
  • A tattoo doesn’t tell you very much about a person, but where they put the tattoo does.
  • (Samantha) You know its going to be a good semester when you accidentally walk into the men’s bathroom at 7am and you’re washing your hands and some dude walks in straight to the urinal.  You finally notice there’s urinals.  You make akward eye contact.  Pray he’s not in your class.  And he turns out to be your professor. Yes this is my life.
  • Mm, dayum gurrl, you are so sexy that despite our having only limited interaction, I’m about to ascribe to you the personality traits I look for in a mate because my hormone-laced brain tends to conflate emotional compatibility and physical attraction.  Awww yeah…
  • Zach Braff: What the hell is Minecraft?Paul: Hitler’s lesser known second book about his love of knitting.

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