With the eviction moratorium having ended on the 15th, there is great news for Michigan renters who haven't been able to stay current on payments due to the ripple effects of COVID-19; the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Michigan Supreme Court, and Department of Health and Human Services have collaborated to create the Eviction Diversion Program. $50 million has been allocated to helping tenants in arrears get current without facing the penalty of eviction.

According to an article from Click on Detroit, renters who makes up to the medium area income will be eligible to take advantage of this assistance program. Participating landlords must agree to take a lump sum to satisfy the debt in question and must agree that no late fees will be incurred by the tenant. This helps the renter stay in their home and insures the landlord receives the money they need to pay their expenses.

This is precisely what the Greater Kalamazoo Renters Union has been working to see happen since they formed in May, two months after the pandemic saw thousands of Kalamazoo residents lose their jobs. They are still working to find relief in other areas renters are concerned about, like utilities cost and shut off, which is another bill our unemployed neighbors see stacking up.

If you or someone you know is faced with eviction, click here to learn how you can apply for assistance through the Eviction Diversion Program.

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