Okay, I get it. It's your business and given the amount of money you're putting into the economy, you can name your business, in this case a casino, anything you want.

At the same town, The Greektown Casino sure did have a Detroit flavor to it. Other than the sports stadiums, it was for a long time one of the few destinations in downtown Detroit, and now that name, while not going away completely, is being somewhat minimized. While this change is still subject to some government regulatory approval, this Sunday, the Greektown Casino-Hotel becomes the Hollywood Casino at Greektown.

It's not the end of the world, and likely the locals will still call it the Greektown Casino as always, but it seems like another step in the homogenization of America. The name Greektown Casino gave it a local flavor. Hollywood Casino sounds like another Walmart or fast food restaurant.

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The name change is one of several new things being trotted out by the two-decade old casino, as spun by it's local boss:

“Becoming Hollywood Casino at Greektown will offer our guests the best of both worlds: we’re keeping all of the unique, neighborhood charm that has defined Greektown since we opened our doors, while adding several new amenities that come with being a part of Penn National’s flagship brand family. Whether you’re a regular, loyal guest or a first-time visitor, we’ll have something new and improved for you to experience and enjoy.” - John Drake, Hollywood Casino at Greektown general manager.

Bottom line is, any facility that's twenty-years old needs a coat of paint, and some changes to the surroundings or it's bound to become or boring. The owners have done that, but I wonder about the name change just the same.

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