The City of Grand Rapids has been looking for help naming its new a turf-painting robot. They asked for suggestions from GR residents and then narrowed it down to a shortlist of 25 "family friendly" options and opened it up to pubic voting.

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And well, we have a winner!

I present to you: Turfy McTankface.

After 1,200 total votes, Turfy McTankface got the most votes with 281.

Here's the rest of the contenders and how they fared:

  • Linus (99 votes)
  • Michelawngelo (97 votes)
  • Bot Ross (75 votes)
  • The Sodfather (71)
  • Sir Linesalot (70)
  • Meryl Stripe (58)
  • Kermit (55 votes)
  • Lawn Order (49 votes)
  • The Turfinator (46 votes)
  • Grassmaster Flash (43 votes)
  • Hank the Tank (38 votes)
  • The Lawn Ranger (38 votes)
  • Line King (34 votes)
  • Rick Grasstley (34 votes)
  • Rosie (30 votes)
  • Stripey Boy (30 votes)
  • Lionel (26 votes)
  • Sammy Spraygar (19 votes)
  • Christurfer (18votes)
  • Eddie Turfey (10 votes)
  • When in Doubt, Stripe it Out (7 votes)
  • Turfin' USA (6 votes)
  • Vincent Van Line-n-Gogh (6 votes)
  • Paint You Very Much (1 vote)

So what exactly does Turfy McTankface do? Well, its designed to paint precise athletic field lines in less time and using less paint than traditional methods.

According to a release, the City of GR expects the new bot to save the park maintenance department about $5,000 in annual labor and material costs. They say workers will be able to focus on other on other tasks, like cleaning restrooms and removing litter, while the bot does its thing.

Keep an out out, as Turfy will be making its debut this week getting athletic fields across the city ready for spring and summer sports.

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