In the early 1900's, a floating grocery store cruised Gull Lake, stocking the pantries of vacationers and lakeside dwellers alike.

A 1915 publication describes Richland's Gull Lake as an ideal place for a Summer vacation. The highlights include boating, fishing swimming, dancing, golfing, cool breezes and something long last to history: a floating grocery store.

Perry Rice, the Yorkville grocer and meat market man, has given Gull Lake resorters a convenience not enjoyed by other lake resorters. In addition to maintaining an automobile and wagon delivery daily, he runs a special boat on the lake every day during the season. This boat is equipped with shelves and counters like a real store and carries everything that a first class grocery does. There is also an ice box loaded with fresh meats, butter and eggs. The Perry Store, generally known as "The Ideal" is the official "Nuway" store of the lake, carrying a complete line of the "Nuway" specialties. It makes a daily trip around the lake, stopping at each dock, where resorters may do their marketing conveniently.

So the captain must also have been the cashier and the question was not paper or plastic, but where do I find that- port or starboard?

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