CBS Sports reports today that Hall of Fame college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian passed away at the age of 84.

Known as Tark "The Shark", he won 729 games in Division I  from 1968-2002.  509 of those wins were with U.N.L.V  including a national title with the Runnin' Rebels in 1990.  He also coached at Long Beach St. and Fresno State.  As well as a short stint in the NBA with The San Antonio Spurs in 1992.

I remember him most for his days with U.N.L.V.  It was always a show to watch his high scoring teams play. With his title in 1990, he also went to the final four in 1977,1987 and 1991. That team  in 1990-1991  came close to going through the season undefeated only to lose to Duke in the national semifinals.  He will also be remembered for his habit of biting towels during games.  One of those memorable college coaches that I'll always remember. Jerry Tarkanian.

Photo by Tim Defrisco/Getty Images
Photo by Tim Defrisco/Getty Images

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