The 2023/2024 Detroit Red Wings team is probably the best team that we have seen in the last eight years. Ever since the team last made the playoffs in 2016, they have struggled with staff changes and lineup changes that have hindered them bouncing back into the Stanley Cup chase.

But all of that comes ahead tonight after a thrilling and emotional comeback victory against Montréal Canadiens winning 5 to 4 in overtime with less than two minutes left in the game Lucas Raymond, tied the score 4 to 4 and would eventually score the game-winning goal and overtime. But the Red Wings are not in the playoffs yet and for them to make the playoffs they’re going to need a little bit of help from the Philadelphia Flyers.

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The Philadelphia Flyers play their final game tonight against the Washington Capitals, the team that currently has the advantage over the Detroit Red Wings in regulation wins. Because the Caps and the Red Wings are tied the Red Wings will need to have a advantage by the end of the night if they hope to make the playoffs.

It’s also important to note the Pittsburgh Penguins, who was only one point behind the trio defeated the Nashville Predators last night and possibly gain another two points when they play the New York Islanders tomorrow at 7 PM.

So How Do the Red Wings get into the Playoffs?

Let's start with the best-case scenario...

If They Win

The Red Wings absolutely have to win their final game of the regular season in Montreal. Even if they win, the Capitals have to lose in any manner, if the Wings want to make the playoffs.

If They Lose In Overtime

If the Red Wings lose in overtime, they need the Washington Capitals to lose in regulation. The overtime loss will give the Red Wings a one-point advantage over the Capitals, but that still won't be enough to celebrate tonight.

If the Pittsburgh Penguins win or even lose in overtime on Wednesday's game, they will have tied the Red Wings in that OT Loss scenario. Unfortunately, the tiebreaker for wildcard teams after points is regulation wins, something that the Pittsburgh Penguins have five more of the Red Wings. So if the Wings lose in overtime, they need all other teams (Capitals & Penguins) to lose in regulation.

If They Lose In Regulation

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