Tom Wood wins Halloween with nightly screenings of scary movies on the house...literally. See photos and video of his creepy multi-media Halloween display.

It seems we're seeing more yard decorations for Halloween. More than a few houses in my neighborhood have cavorting skeletons, leaning gravestones, scary inflatables, moody orange lights, and gigantic spiderwebs made of rope carefully placed in the yard for maximum scares. Tom Wood has been doing this for years. If there's a reason to decorate, there's a reason for this Battle Creek man to aim for excess. Let's put it this way: Clark Griswold would be impressed with his efforts.

It's not limited to Christmas; any excuse is a good one for decorating. In fact, Tom made the most of social distancing and turned his house into a movie screen for Disney films during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Movies figure into the 2021 Halloween display with clips from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ghostbusters, Addams Family, and more playing on the siding that substitutes for the silver screen. Take a look at photos and video below or, better yet, get to 100 Kings Court in Battle Creek and see it for yourself. The lights are on 5-10 pm nightly through Halloween.

Then, the work begins on making Christmas bright.

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This Battle Creek House Wins Halloween

It's a treat for the entire neighborhood. Tom Wood is playing clips from Halloween movies on the side of his family's house in Battle Creek

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