Now that it's finally December and we're getting closer and closer to 2021, we'll start seeing more families going out and trying to squeeze every ounce of festiveness they can muster up this year. I had seen someone post a photo on Instagram that lights were finally going up in Bronson Park, and yesterday on my way into work I saw trees were already lit up along W Michigan Ave. So last night I took an adventure to Bronson Park and braved the first  super chill of the season.

The new Candy Cane Lane was set up in full affect on both sides of the park, with shades of the original candy canes in the center of the park set up at an angle for picture opportunities. Some of my favorite decorations are the trees that are lit up all one color and the colored balls that they hung from them. It's cool that we have a local downtown area that cares so much about making our holidays special.

The holidays are a tough time of the year for a lot of people, but I can tell you personally that just visiting Bronson Park last night and taking pictures put me in a much cheerier mood. I suggest taking sometime this week and going down there to check out the lights yourself. Below is a gallery of the decorations that you can expect to enjoy while down there:

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Christmas Light Display In Bronson Park

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