Bronson Park has had an incredible history, including a speech which was given by Abraham Lincoln before he eventually became President of the United States. Some even say it's very possible he gave his speech from a sacred Native American mound which rests on the Southwest part of the park is said to be at least 1,000 years old, but recently the city announced plans to make a bid to landscape the area:

These are the bid and contract documents for landscaping the Native Mound in the park (which at least 1,000 years old, and should be left as it is - as a sacred spot, which is on the National Register as an archeological site.) It’s a relic and artifact itself from a people long gone. “The Native American mound located in the southwest portion of Bronson Park is a National Register listed archaeological site (20KZ26). The presence of the mound and nearby Woodland Period garden bed site is characteristics of an intensive occupation.” (Source: 2015 Bronson Park Master Plan)
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The estemated cost of the renovations will roughly be $110,400 and the Facebook group Humans of Kalamazoo also provided contact information for those who wish to contact members of the board who have influence over this decision to help convince them to leave the mound the way it is. This ancient ceremonial site is important to a lot of people in Kalamazoo and according to the bid, the city recognizes this plan would draw controversy:
Jeff Chamberlain
COK - City Manager
Hess, Jeanne
Juarez, Esteven
Donald F Cooney
Praedel, Chris
Hoffman, Stephanie
Quianna Decker

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