Full disclosure...I'm a Michigan fan.  I'm also a "State" of Michigan fan which means I will root for other teams from our state.  For instance, I was pulling for Michigan State in the Final Four.  Now, there are Michigan fans that I know that only root for their team and find it distasteful to root for anyone else and find it impossible to understand how anyone could.

There is, however, one thing all Michigan fans seem to have in common and that is impatience for head football coach Jim Harbaugh.  Or maybe just impatience for a national title.  Or maybe, just maybe, an impatience for beating Ohio State.  I actually heard a Michigan fan say they would give up a national title if the Wolverines just beat OSU!  Now that's bitter.  Which brings us to the latest installment.  According to a Yahoo Sports article on msn.com, at a recent Spring practice an airplane flew over the field pulling a banner that read: "Hey Jim, this is God.  It's OK to pass on first down.  Let's try it."  Now that's commitment.  Check out some of the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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