Don the Pariah, a metal band from Holland, Michigan, recently had all their gear, merch, truck and trailer stolen. Hardcore Pawn returned their gear and police found their truck.

According to MLive, Hardcore Pawn, a pawnshop in Detroit that has a TV show on truTV, happened to be the shop the thieves pawned the Holland metal band’s gear.

To make matters even better, the band leader, Michael Garcia, was notified by Clinton Township police Detective Paul Collins that the 2005 Cadillac Escalade that was stolen has been found.

This is pretty remarkable since most band gear that gets swiped almost never gets returned to its owner, not to mention also getting their truck returned.

Collins got a few breaks in the case which lead to the gear and the truck.

Luckily the pawnshop returned the items at no cost to the band and the police were cool enough to get the items along with the truck back to the band. A lot of times this stuff gets hung up in an evidence room for a long time.

The band is still missing half of its gear but thanks to good police work Don The Pariah got more back than most bands that get ripped off.

Garcia wrote on Facebook, “It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but seeing our community all across the state come together to help us in our time of struggle has been the most uplifting experience for us as a band. Thank you all and please stay tuned as the search continues for our remaining items.”

Garcia later posted this, "They found my truck!!!!”

If you bands out there can swing it, try and get insurance on all your gear and the vehicle/trailer you use to haul it. Also, remember when traveling out of town, you are a target to low life's out there who steal band gear.

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