Money is not the biggest reason good employees are leaving their jobs in Michigan. We're not lazy, either, we just don't like the work we do.

Oh, you hate your job? Oh my God, why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar.

-Drew Carey

So may threats are empty, but when it happens, what is the biggest reason people are quitting jobs today? Career experts Zippa surveyed 2,000 workers to find out why. The rationale varies from state to state, but you're right if you guessed money was the most common reason. Not in Michigan.

Workplace discontent is nothing new, and the research shows that while 42% of workers would never quit without a new job lined up, 14% think about it daily. Here are the biggest factors that would lead people to finally give notice or walk out:

Biggest Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

  1. Money
  2. Unpleasant office/coworkers
  3. Bad/unsupportive boss
  4. Dislike the work
  5. To improve work/life balance
  6. No opportunity for advancement
  7. Commute
  8. More flexibility
  9. Relocation
  10. Company's social impact

What is your biggest frustration? In Michigan, we're not lazy, we just don't like the work that we do. We're not alone. Workers in Michigan, Illinois, New York,  Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Mexico and South Carolina all expressed dissatisfaction with their jobs and work life is unfulfilling.

While the final decision to leave a job is often more complicated and there are multiple reasons involved, it does prove that money isn't everything to Michigan workers.

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