We all know that there are traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries; paper for the first, cotton for the second, and so on.  But did you know there are traditional gifts for your work-aversary? With my fifth anniversary at The Rocker just days away, I thought I would provide a lesser-known list of work-aversary gifts.  Enjoy!

3rd: Framed Photo of someone else's spouse

7th: Desk Sets (Pen and Pencil Sets, be classy and get it personalized)

9th: "Hang in There, Ktty" mouse pad

11th: Business Card Holder

15th: A gift certificate to that Chinese Buffet place down the street

16th: Hand Sanitizer

17th: White Out

18th: Those Rubber Finger things

19th: A whole ream of paper

21st: A used flash drive

22nd: A Dream Journal

26th: Pin Art

27th: Coworker pitching in that week's Power Ball Dollar for you

31st: Dry Erase/Cork Board with permanent calendar and accessory cup

32nd: Flask

33rd:  A bedazzler

34th: A photography session at Glamour Shots

35th: Something sassy with a cat on it

36th: Something cute with cat on it

37th: Aluminum Foil

38th: Adult Coloring book with colored pencils

39th: Twine

40th: Your protege's sudden but inevitable betrayal

Bonus Video: Bishop Gets An Office

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